Screw it, I am just going to do it!

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As an marketer or online entrepreneur, it can sometimes feel like you are the only one on this path and it can be very discouraging and lonely at times.

We second guess ourselves and tend to over think to the point where very little gets done.

Then we get overwhelmed and discouraged as see others that seem to be doing well at it.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What gives… why can’t I get this to work?”

We all go through it. But here’s the motto I adopted early in my online business and it helped me stay the course. It goes something like this…

If you’re willing to do today what most people aren’t, then you’ll be able to do tomorrow what most people can’t!

Not sure who said it but it stuck with me.

Maybe something else works for you but the MOST IMPORTANT advice I can give you is this….

Take some action everyday to move you closer to your goal!

Be Consistent. Be Courageous.

Tackle your fears and doubts… we all have them… but in all my successes, they came when I finally got to the point to where I said “Screw it, I am just going to do it!”

Another game changer for me was when I finally swallowed my PRIDE and found a good mentor, a millionaire mentor.

One who truly cares about the success of his students and has a track record of creating success stories.

He showed me things and shared secrets with me most people never see in this industry and it was a GAME CHANGER for me and my business.

It gave me clarity and I knew exactly what needed to be done each day to get the results I wanted.

I have to be honest, the tasks I was doing was very repetitive, but they worked.

Over the coming days, I am going to break those things down in detail with you too.

How does that sound?

Anyway… for now

So, here’s a video I want you to watch.

After you watch it… go do something to move your business forward.

… write an email

… create a video

… a blog post

… finish that squeeze page you keep avoiding

… write a report

… finish setting up your sales funnel

… Go buy some traffic!

… set up a webinar

Do something BIG that scares the crap out of you!

That’s where for find the biggest breakthroughs.

Just block out the noise in your head that tells you that you can’t do something or you don’t have this or that.

Just do it anyway!


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