Meet Billy

First of all, thanks for stopping by my website.

As you may have guessed my name is Billy Holder.

I realize there are possibly billions of websites on the web so you being here right now makes me very humble and grateful.

I promise to make it worth your time by sharing a simple strategy I used to generate over $1400 in a single day online as an affiliate (meaning I was selling someone else’s product on commission).

Good news is that it is not very difficult once you learn how to do it.
Unfortunately, 95% of people who set out to earn an income online fail, which is sad.

There is so much misinformation, hype and noise online these days that is nearly impossible to know what to believe or who to trust.

In fact, I saw a recent survey where the majority of people online trying to make money don’t even earn $100 a month. Is this you?

I know for me… I learned about this statistic the hard way… personal experience!

I got my first taste of online marketing a few years ago while working a full-time job as an electrician in a chemical plant.

Just starting our family, I wanted my wife to be able to stay home with the kids but my one income was not going to be enough.

With the hours I was already working, it was going to be impossible to take on two jobs so I started looking for ways to earn an extra income online.

It would work out great because I wouldn’t have to work outside the home and I would eventually get to quit my job too and we could just live the internet lifestyle.

But I quickly found out it wasn’t easy as everybody made it sound.

After 6 months and thousands of dollars down the drain, I still had not made a dime!

Frustrated with the whole idea, I was ready throw in the towel and just give up.

I had tried all sorts of things from network marketing to affiliate marketing but just could not find anything to work for me.

I was overwhelmed and confused… Didn’t have a clue what I doing, didn’t know who to trust or what to believe anymore.

I started having thoughts that this was just a big scam and that I was not cut out to do this.

I felt like I was just throwing money (that we didn’t have) at this pipe dream and letting my family down.

It was also embarrassing when family and friends would ask how my internet thing was going knowing I hadn’t made a dime yet.

All I could say is… “It’s going okay… got a few things I am working on.”

You could see all over their faces they were like… “I told you that you were wasting your time.”

But I wanted to show them…


One day I come in from work and as I sit down at the computer, I see this…



Man oh man… That was all the motivation I needed to keep going!

That little 7 year old girl inspired me more than you can imagine. She always says I am her hero but that little note was all the spark I needed to finally make it happen.

I hung up in my office as a reminder everyday as to WHY I do this.

I found a couple of mentors I felt I could trust and started focusing on everything they told me to do.

That’s when things started happening….

The leads started coming into my business.


Then the sales started happening…




Then I am over at my parents one day talking with my dad when I get 3 notifications back to back.

You made a sale…. $248.50.

You made a sale… $748.50

You made a sale… $498.50


I look over at my dad and show him my phone and just smile.

(Keep in mind, my dad was very negative toward this whole online business thing.)

You should have seen the look on his face when he realized I just made over $1400 and hadn’t turned on a computer all day.

It was a day I will never forget and my dad hasn’t questioned my online business since!

I am not here to act like some guru because I am not.

In fact, I am no one special. I just found a couple of mentors along the way who knew what they were doing and I took action on the things they showed me.

I now share this information with my personal teams and others on the same journey to financial freedom too.

Here are a few insights that has helped me in my business:


Insight Number 1: Be careful who you listen to.

Look for other successful marketers to surround yourself with and look for mentors you can connect with, trust and learn from. Block out all the rest. VERY IMPORTANT!


Insight Number 2: Stop treating people as a number!

I have always heard this was a numbers game and to an extent it is BUT this is still a people’s business. When I stopped looking at my list as just a number and started looking at each email as belonging to a real person with a family, with hopes and dreams for a better life.

I started focusing more on giving and serving rather than selling and taking and that’s when things took a drastic turn.


Insight Number 3: Take massive imperfect action

Don’t be afraid to fail. Not everything you try will work. It’s okay because as long as you keep trying you will find something that does.
Just get clear on your WHY and it has to be bigger than just make money.

Celebrate your small victories and don’t get hung up on your failures.

Keep your eye on the target and NEVER GIVE UP!!!


Here’s The Exact Strategy On How I Was Able To Generate My First $1000 Day!